THASRAK 2 A journey to bleak emptiness?

I waddled towards the nhattupura ..others were engaged in discussions.. I stepped into the veranda and entered into the classroom..The space lay infinite and there emerged Kunhamina with her chiming silver anklets,moving her legs disconsolstely under the bench..the primordial dampness smell canopied in the room. There was Appukkili with his dragonfly.. I smiled at them … Continue reading »

TRIP TO THASRAK , A predetermined journey?

”Long, long ago, in times now unknown to man, there came riding into their primordial palm grove a caravan of a thousand and one horses. The riders were Badrins, holy warriors blessed by the Prophet, and at the head of the column rode the holiest of them all—Sayed Mian Sheikh. The full moon shone on … Continue reading »