Open billed storks ( migratory birds along the cost of Bharathappuzha no.5)

  Open billed stork   no 5 migratory birds along the cost of Bharathappuzha Open billed storks are one of the local migrants that we find along the banks of Bharathapuzha..It wouldn’t be correct to say that they search for food along the banks of the river or in the  shallow waters of the river … Continue reading »

Migratory birds along the banks of Bharathappuzha (No.1-Black headed seagulls,Chroicocephalus ridibundus)

    Black Headed Seagulls @ Flight:   I came across a large folks of seagulls constituting hundreds of birds across Irumbiliyam kadavu of Bharathapuzha, in the first week of February2005. It was around four o clock . The noisy birds remained there bathing, preening and searching for food in the warm river water. The … Continue reading »