Kavalappara palace ,Kavalappara swaroopam

Kavalappara swaroopam  was the confederation of 96 Desams that lies in between Kaniyampuram thodu eastern side and  Ongallur thodu in the west.it stretches around Mundakkottukurissi towards the  north and Bharathappuzha flows as the southern boarder.the southern boarder stretching  area s of the eight-acre of the Kavalappara .Kavalappara swaroopam was a unique state that was in … Continue reading »


.It was Ayilakkad wetlands near Ponnani.The water stretches have grown  leaner and drier under   the trail blazing April  sun.The sky was partly over cast. I could spot a bird in the shallow muddy waters amid egrets and other shore birds..it was more than half  meter long and seemed bigger than egrets .it had been … Continue reading »

White-throated Ground-Thrush (കുറിക്കണ്ണന്‍ കാട്ടുപുള്ള്)

KURIKKANNANKATTUPULLU Orange-headed thrush / Zoothera citrina cyanota / Kurikkannan kattupullu ”A bird came  down the walk, He did not know I saw, He bit an angle-worm in halves And ate the fellow raw. And then he drank a dew from the convenient grass, And then hoped side wise to the wall, To let a beetle … Continue reading »

Gaur, The Indian Bison or Bos gaurus

  In the first standard of the  lower primary school  classroom,charts depicting animals were hung on the wall where we vused to lean against,.  We used to watch them silently when there is no teacher in the class room or  it is raining outside. The massively built large bison stangely attracted me.i used to weave … Continue reading »

Brahminy Mayna ,Brahminy Starling Or KARINTHALACHIKKALI (കരിന്തലച്ചികാളി)

BRAHMINY STARLING   It was  a sultry day of Meenamasam.Though  the back yard was  close to the agricultural fields; it bore a  barren look because of the excessive heat of the sun..I reached there to see if the mangoes  were  ripe enough.!when I reached the plot at Manissery near Ottappalam,  the birds were renewing the … Continue reading »

Punnathur kotta or Anakkotta of Guruvayur

  As you enter the gate of Punnathur Kotta  a strange organic smell of elephant dung wakes you up. You will remain wonder stuck as you see a lot of uncaparisoned elephants within   the limited area.The grey coloured bulky bodies sway,some pick food stuff with its trunks end , some wallowing in mud, some … Continue reading »

PANIYELI PORU (പനിയേലി പോര്),Where rivulet girls join together!

River,river,little river! Bright you sparkle on your way, Over the yellow pebbles dancing,through the flowers and foliage glancing, Like a child at play C A Bowels describes the tender rivers in this way… When  several strands of Periyar join violently as if they haven’t met for a long time. They join hands like naughty girl … Continue reading »

PAMBAN PALAM or Indira Gandhi bridge

Pamban bridge There were   certain things  in our childhood days that  evoked  a mysterious curiosity upon us.It could be the warbling of an unknown bird,the bulging eyes of a frog ,the paintings of  strange expressions or strange landscapes that we came across.But here its not the item that listed above   evoked curiosity but  a … Continue reading »


SAAVIRA KADAMBA BASADI, TRIBHUVANATILAKA CHUDAMANI,OR THOUSAND PILLARED BASADI   Moodabidri is a small town 37 kms north east of Mangalore.The word bidira means bamboo suggests widely grown bamboo of these days.Moodu means east..its original name was Vishnu pura or venu pura.the place was also well known for ritual fasting by Jains it was also called … Continue reading »


The word  Bakel  could have derived from’ Baliakulam ‘which means a big place.According to local Kannada writer Bakel Ramanaik,the place is said to have been the seat of a big palace in the distant past.BAILAKULAM  got corrupted as BAIKULAM  and later as BAKEL.Another version is that the word Bakel could have derived from boiled stone. … Continue reading »