Iron age is commonly  named Megalithic age characterized by the practice of raising big stone monuments to the dead.Megalithic tradition reached Kerala around the mid -first millennium BC and  continued to prevalent till the mid first millennium AD about ten centuries.Various types of burials such as urns, cysts,stone circles,cap stones ,umbrella stones,rock … Continue reading »


                  You may think Cochin bridge in Eranamkulam are wrong .It is situated 100 km north of Kochi and provided connectivity  to the princely state of Cochin and erstwhile British rail head of Shoranur across Bharathappuzha.It is situated in between Cheruthuruthy  and shoranur.Many noble persons and … Continue reading »


  ”I found myself in what appeared to be a large tunnel with a small white light at the other end. I was moving towards this light. I was surrounded by a feeling of absolute peace and what I can only describe as cool revelation. It felt wonderful to be there. “. It is so … Continue reading »


  Ambukuthy mala or Edakal Mala is one of the principal hills of Wynad  that lies beside the ancient trade route connecting ports of Kerala and high mountains of Mysore. The route was constantly  used  during different  periods of history.The Edakal caves on the Ambukuthy hills, near Ambalavayal, are famous for their Neolithic rock engravings … Continue reading »


  It was a sultry afternoon of hot April month..I signed up for bird watching .I was walking slowly along the trail that led to the thickets, sacred groves around  Manissery near Ottappalam.Our fethered freiends were already active along the groves..The Magpie robins were bending the last rays of the sun with its sharp whistling.Red … Continue reading »

HAPPY VISHU !happy new year ! Aprospeous year ahead !

”March winds, April showers and brings forth may flowers!!!” HAPPY VISHU ! ”May the sun bring you new energy in the new year by day, May the moon softly recharge you by night.”HAPPY VISHU! ”May the rain wash away  your worries May the breeze blow your strength into being…”HAPPY VISHU! ”So darkness shall be light … Continue reading »

Lotus farms of Thirunnavaya

“Amid much din and firing of guns the Morituri, the Chaver Nayars, the elect of four Nayar houses in Waluvanad, step forth from the crowd and receive the last blessings and farewells of their friends and relatives. They have just partaken of the last meal they are to eat on earth at the house of … Continue reading »

Thira Poothan folk art of Valluvanad.

THIRA FOLK PERFORMANCE IN VALLUVANAD. It is believed that various forms of arts worshipping goddess Bhadrakaali prevailed much before the origin of temples. Once the worship of gods and goddesses started at the temples, various types of arts used to be performed to please goddess Bhadrakaali at Bhadrakaali temples. By and large, many of them were … Continue reading »

Kavalappara palace ,Kavalappara swaroopam

Kavalappara swaroopam  was the confederation of 96 Desams that lies in between Kaniyampuram thodu eastern side and  Ongallur thodu in the stretches around Mundakkottukurissi towards the  north and Bharathappuzha flows as the southern boarder.the southern boarder stretching  area s of the eight-acre of the Kavalappara .Kavalappara swaroopam was a unique state that was in … Continue reading »

Karinkali , a folk performance of Paraya community

VIDEO CLICK HERE TO WATCH  karinkali in action The summer as it comes bursting  up of  born fires in Asokam, wild yellow  puffing of shower golden trees,booms from the large drums shakes the Thiras,,sounds from the majestic trumpet rent the air andColourfully attired electrifying karnkalis of course, they are black of the black! pulsate  the … Continue reading »