The art of rock carving and sculpturing reached great heights in second millennium BC in Egypt. The land of Egypt is basically an artist’s canvas or board on which the course of the Nile from South to North and that of the sun from east to west provide the coordinates of an ideal map which … Continue reading »

The saga of the sun god

Surya thought… each and every day she gazed at the red sun with growing passion..she conjured that power of morning sun into a red bindii spot on her forehead. A girl with golden anklets festooned with sunstone laces came into the Kalahandi valley to pluck flowers..she spots the radiance of the solitary plant bursting into … Continue reading »

Birds of the same feathers flock together?

The early 1970s, a dark brown cloud emerges in the eastern horizon and it smoothly flows to the west shortly after the sunset during winter and in the first phase of summer reverberating the roaring sound that preceded a heavy rain.. We promptly come out of our house to the courtyard and used to gaze … Continue reading »

THASRAK 2 A journey to bleak emptiness?

I waddled towards the nhattupura ..others were engaged in discussions.. I stepped into the veranda and entered into the classroom..The space lay infinite and there emerged Kunhamina with her chiming silver anklets,moving her legs disconsolstely under the bench..the primordial dampness smell canopied in the room. There was Appukkili with his dragonfly.. I smiled at them … Continue reading »

TRIP TO THASRAK , A predetermined journey?

”Long, long ago, in times now unknown to man, there came riding into their primordial palm grove a caravan of a thousand and one horses. The riders were Badrins, holy warriors blessed by the Prophet, and at the head of the column rode the holiest of them all—Sayed Mian Sheikh. The full moon shone on … Continue reading »

INDIAN GREY HORNBILL or Nattuvezhambal or Ocyceros birostris

                      What is the payment for blowing horns?  The cross word puzzle goes like this.      Answer is Horn bill. \Many myths  and stories are woven around Horn bills throughout the world..In Kerala Vezhambal suggests the endless  waiting for rain. People believe that they … Continue reading »


      Iron age is commonly  named Megalithic age characterized by the practice of raising big stone monuments to the dead.Megalithic tradition reached Kerala around the mid -first millennium BC and  continued to prevalent till the mid first millennium AD about ten centuries.Various types of burials such as urns, cysts,stone circles,cap stones ,umbrella stones,rock … Continue reading »


                  You may think Cochin bridge in Eranamkulam district..you are wrong .It is situated 100 km north of Kochi and provided connectivity  to the princely state of Cochin and erstwhile British rail head of Shoranur across Bharathappuzha.It is situated in between Cheruthuruthy  and shoranur.Many noble persons and … Continue reading »


        There remains a myth still woven around the construction of Kaithali temple. The myth holds that Pattambi kaithali temple was built by globins or Bhooothathans.The sanctum sanctorium ( Sreekovil) of the temple is   a monolithic structure.It’s really an unfinished construction. The legend runs like this. Kattilmadam was the roof of kaithali temple … Continue reading »


  ”I found myself in what appeared to be a large tunnel with a small white light at the other end. I was moving towards this light. I was surrounded by a feeling of absolute peace and what I can only describe as cool revelation. It felt wonderful to be there. “. It is so … Continue reading »