When “The Last Kannanthalis” on the Parakkulam hill slopes bloomed……

      When ‘chingam’ breaks in, We, a band of children would go through the paddy fields and scatter among the hill slopes searching flowers since Atham. The hill slopes starts reverberating with the song. “Thekkekkara Vadakkekkara Kannanthali Muttathoru Thumba Mulachu” Everything appeared big and wonderful as per the childhood conception of space. When … Continue reading »

Neermathalam (crateva magna) Poothakalam!

Madhavikkutty through her novel Neermathalam poothakalam recreates the nostalgia of an old ancestral home of Nalappattu family with its obsessive ambiance. Neermathalam  has  enveloped each Malayalee soul with sensuous splendour! It was a Neermathalam from a poet, who believed that we cant get born upon this earth again. Aamy’s white delicate words fall like Pavizhamalli … Continue reading »

Rare Orchids Spotted At Anakkara Hillocks

Rare orchids belonging to the genus Bulbophyllum  were spotted on the huge pillar like laterite blocks here at Ponnathaannira part of Anakkara hillocks in Malappuram district bordering Palakkad district. These exotic flowering orchids are found sticking on the huge laterite rocks as if the rock (very close to the spot were the megalithic excavation was … Continue reading »


  We always walked all the way to school. There were 2 or 3 established routes through idavazhies (country trails) to reach school. We used to walk lazily looking’ around and picking wild fruits. We would take a new route across the field after the harvest is completed. One day while on our way to … Continue reading »


  Kannanthalippomozhi Name Kannanthali – (in Malayalam)Exacum bicolour Akshipushpi – (in Sanskrit) Persian violet             Habitat Indian subcontinent is rich with 17000 types of flowering herbs- we can see this plant both in dry grass lands as hillocks of 50-200 elevation and grass lands attached to shola forests.   In … Continue reading »