Lotus farms of Thirunnavaya

“Amid much din and firing of guns the Morituri, the Chaver Nayars, the elect of four Nayar houses in Waluvanad, step forth from the crowd and receive the last blessings and farewells of their friends and relatives. They have just partaken of the last meal they are to eat on earth at the house of … Continue reading »

PANIYELI PORU (പനിയേലി പോര്),Where rivulet girls join together!

River,river,little river! Bright you sparkle on your way, Over the yellow pebbles dancing,through the flowers and foliage glancing, Like a child at play C A Bowels describes the tender rivers in this way… When  several strands of Periyar join violently as if they haven’t met for a long time. They join hands like naughty girl … Continue reading »

ATHI MARAM, FICUS RACEMOSA ( When it blooms once in three thousand years,,)

  According to Budhist belief,Fiicus trees bloom only once in three thousand years. It is a celestial flower which does not exist in the material world,When the king of the golden wheel ,Thathagatha  visits the human world, it flowers manifesing virtues and blessing.There It comes to symbolize events of strange occurence. Thathagatha comes  to earth; … Continue reading »


  ‘ Kayampoo kannil vidarum…kamaladalam kavilil viriyum..’the Malayalam film song goes like this…the  song  is cherished by malayalies through out the world that describes the enchanting beauty of  poet’s sweet heart.The dark blue flower Kayampoo blooms in sweet heart’s eyes…poets often call lord Srikrishna as  Kayampoovarnan.The flower is so cute  that it inspired poets, as … Continue reading »

Gloriosa superba ,Menthonni,

Gloriosa My grandma used to take us to the near by temple pond when we were too young.smearing herb extracted  coconut oil on pate and face, some times all over the body. we  would  cross the patch of rice fields where herons had  fixed themselves in the fields and we would  search for kannilunni or … Continue reading »


The parambikkulam wild life sanctuary. No 2     The word ‘ Parambu mala ‘is referred in the songs versed by Kapilan in Purananoor a work of Sangham period.the same palce is referred in the work was later called as Parambikkulam.it was ruled by a generous king called Pari or Velpari.the area was a part … Continue reading »

Pollavally pollakkurua (anamirta cocculus)

Pollavally pollakkurua   anamirta cocculus The monsoon rains add a awful charm to the Valluvanadan snake groves .Snake groves ,the trees and plants send new shoots.ferms spring up on the trunks of creeper snaked dark  wet trees. strange lillies  come up and bloom.mysterious mushrooms pop up in thw dark wet sides of trunks.he crickets chirp day and … Continue reading »

Parambikkulam wild life sanctuary

    While negotiating the sharp bend  there blooms a  herd of spotted deer by the grass land below the curve. It was really exciting to see the spotted innocent cuties! When we passed another curve  two  peacocks slipped into the near by grove,we were off to see thev Kannimara teak, the  oldest teak in … Continue reading »


Kakkinkaya , African dream herb or Enteda rheedii (RARE CREEPERS FOUND IN SNAKE GROVES OF VALLUVANAD NO 1 ) Subru ,my friend in the village lower primary school had a strange collection of articles at his home!!.  Subru’s collection included strange things, Xancus , strange shells,Kakkikaya seed the big seed with dark brown cover, horns … Continue reading »

Stub Of Pencil (കുറ്റിപ്പെന്‍സില്‍)

wild turmeric flower The best part of my lower primary school day was the morning, by the  morning we meant period between 8:30 and 9:30,or the period of time before the shadow of the eaves  creeps over the flight of steps, the period of our own Republic!!!There was no head master, no bell, not even … Continue reading »