Karinkali , a folk performance of Paraya community

VIDEO CLICK HERE TO WATCH  karinkali in action The summer as it comes bursting  up of  born fires in Asokam, wild yellow  puffing of shower golden trees,booms from the large drums shakes the Thiras,,sounds from the majestic trumpet rent the air andColourfully attired electrifying karnkalis of course, they are black of the black! pulsate  the … Continue reading »

Mamankam Monuments: Nilapaduthara

Mamankam festival was held at Thirunnavaya on the banks of Bharathappuzha. It was considered as the greatest cultural event and trade fair in those days. But the political significance of the mela shoulnt be under estimated.The twenty eight day long festival ends on the makam day of magham month.the word mamankam literally means great makhamasa. … Continue reading »

Punnathur kotta or Anakkotta of Guruvayur

  As you enter the gate of Punnathur Kotta  a strange organic smell of elephant dung wakes you up. You will remain wonder stuck as you see a lot of uncaparisoned elephants within   the limited area.The grey coloured bulky bodies sway,some pick food stuff with its trunks end , some wallowing in mud, some … Continue reading »

PAMBAN PALAM or Indira Gandhi bridge

Pamban bridge There were   certain things  in our childhood days that  evoked  a mysterious curiosity upon us.It could be the warbling of an unknown bird,the bulging eyes of a frog ,the paintings of  strange expressions or strange landscapes that we came across.But here its not the item that listed above   evoked curiosity but  a … Continue reading »


SAAVIRA KADAMBA BASADI, TRIBHUVANATILAKA CHUDAMANI,OR THOUSAND PILLARED BASADI   Moodabidri is a small town 37 kms north east of Mangalore.The word bidira means bamboo suggests widely grown bamboo of these days.Moodu means east..its original name was Vishnu pura or venu pura.the place was also well known for ritual fasting by Jains it was also called … Continue reading »


The word  Bakel  could have derived from’ Baliakulam ‘which means a big place.According to local Kannada writer Bakel Ramanaik,the place is said to have been the seat of a big palace in the distant past.BAILAKULAM  got corrupted as BAIKULAM  and later as BAKEL.Another version is that the word Bakel could have derived from boiled stone. … Continue reading »


Ramassery idli Idli is the traditional break fast of southIindian house holds.The process of steaming as one of the ways  for cooking  is known to Indians by as early as seventh century AD.It is seemed to have started as a dish made only of black gram without mixing rice. You may think whats particular with … Continue reading »

Trip to Anangan mala ,A the sublime majesty

  As we climb up from Kizhur side of the hill , Panikkar kunnu armoured with granite boulders appears clearly on the left. It appears as a tiny companion who stays close to Anangan ,the solitary image .Malayalan and Tamil directorss considered it as a favourite location fit enough to provide a back drop for … Continue reading »

Anangan Mala , grand father of the days

ANANGAN MALA Anangan mala or Anangan hills can be taken as a  land form that extends  above the surrounding terrains of Kizhur.Melur, Ambalappara. Kothakkurissi .Chunangad and Ananganadi situated just ten kms away from Ottappalam towards north .Though the land form is called mountain or mala by the local people,we can not  take it as a … Continue reading »

Mookan Chathan

The paleolithic  people lived in  the natural rock shelters with a means of subsistence of hunting and gathering.They might have started to believe in the concept of mountain god or Mala daivam.later when they started to settle permanently along the  river basins the mother goddess myth of fertility started to evolve along with the hunting  gods.Mother … Continue reading »