Mookan Chathan

The paleolithic  people lived in  the natural rock shelters with a means of subsistence of hunting and gathering.They might have started to believe in the concept of mountain god or Mala daivam.later when they started to settle permanently along the  river basins the mother goddess myth of fertility started to evolve along with the hunting  gods.Mother … Continue reading »


Karinkutty attam was realized in the courtyard of local diety of kanakka family Thekkevalappil Parappuulli  Bhalabhadra kshethram on  first of Meenam the Malayalam month under the auspicious leadership of Velayudhan Keezhpadath Anakkara . As per the Kanakka community  thottam the legend of Karinkutty goes like this. The premordial god Paramasiva  known as Nalla achan in … Continue reading »


PARAYEDTUPPU The local temple festivals of devi OR BHAGAVATHY starts with the parayeduppu,offering rice to the diety in a specific measurement from everyhouse in a locality.The representative of the goddess velichappadu receives the offerings and bestows blessings on behalf of the dietyThe velichapadu should undergo fasting and penace for the vlrtous ceremony to be carried … Continue reading »

Unnikkaala Or Paikkidakolam (Calf Motif) Or Kalavela

  paikkidakkolam .calf motif   In Kerala bullock is believed to be the symbol of agriculture. A Good bullock yields to exceptional harvest. Farmers offer a bullock to the local deity to express his gratitude towards all those natural factors sunlight, rain, cattle which contribute to the farmer a good harvest. Some offer Paikkidakkolam or … Continue reading »

Thiratheyyam Or Parapoothan

Thiratheyyam or Parapoothan  is a unique performing or ritualistic art form and a worshiping form of Hindu gods or local deities in west Palakkad, Malappuram and trichur dists.It is the alluring item in pakalvela with its attractive and colourful attires. The myth related to the origin of Thiratheyyams  can be explained in a story;The origin … Continue reading »


  It is a rare unique performing ritualistic art form of Bhagavathy or local dieties presented by Paraya community in the western parts of Palakkad district. Most of the primitive Goddesses of the village are known as Bhagavathy. Bhagavathy worship is a united form of Saraswathy,Lakshmi and Sri Durga. As a living cult with thousands … Continue reading »