PANIYELI PORU (പനിയേലി പോര്),Where rivulet girls join together!

River,river,little river! Bright you sparkle on your way, Over the yellow pebbles dancing,through the flowers and foliage glancing, Like a child at play C A Bowels describes the tender rivers in this way… When  several strands of Periyar join violently as if they haven’t met for a long time. They join hands like naughty girl … Continue reading »


The word  Bakel  could have derived from’ Baliakulam ‘which means a big place.According to local Kannada writer Bakel Ramanaik,the place is said to have been the seat of a big palace in the distant past.BAILAKULAM  got corrupted as BAIKULAM  and later as BAKEL.Another version is that the word Bakel could have derived from boiled stone. … Continue reading »

Mookan Chathan

The paleolithic  people lived in  the natural rock shelters with a means of subsistence of hunting and gathering.They might have started to believe in the concept of mountain god or Mala daivam.later when they started to settle permanently along the  river basins the mother goddess myth of fertility started to evolve along with the hunting  gods.Mother … Continue reading »

Pollavally pollakkurua (anamirta cocculus)

Pollavally pollakkurua   anamirta cocculus The monsoon rains add a awful charm to the Valluvanadan snake groves .Snake groves ,the trees and plants send new shoots.ferms spring up on the trunks of creeper snaked dark  wet trees. strange lillies  come up and bloom.mysterious mushrooms pop up in thw dark wet sides of trunks.he crickets chirp day and … Continue reading »

Parambikkulam wild life sanctuary

    While negotiating the sharp bend  there blooms a  herd of spotted deer by the grass land below the curve. It was really exciting to see the spotted innocent cuties! When we passed another curve  two  peacocks slipped into the near by grove,we were off to see thev Kannimara teak, the  oldest teak in … Continue reading »

Stub Of Pencil (കുറ്റിപ്പെന്‍സില്‍)

wild turmeric flower The best part of my lower primary school day was the morning, by the  morning we meant period between 8:30 and 9:30,or the period of time before the shadow of the eaves  creeps over the flight of steps, the period of our own Republic!!!There was no head master, no bell, not even … Continue reading »

When “The Last Kannanthalis” on the Parakkulam hill slopes bloomed……

      When ‘chingam’ breaks in, We, a band of children would go through the paddy fields and scatter among the hill slopes searching flowers since Atham. The hill slopes starts reverberating with the song. “Thekkekkara Vadakkekkara Kannanthali Muttathoru Thumba Mulachu” Everything appeared big and wonderful as per the childhood conception of space. When … Continue reading »

The day the clouds called me

The day the clouds called me “Once many people lived in a pretty valley with an even prettier lake. One day a comet emerged in the blue sky.Oh ! It seemed to come down faster and faster coming straight towards them. People built a huge net of ropes to stop the comet. But suddenly a … Continue reading »

Neermathalam (crateva magna) Poothakalam!

Madhavikkutty through her novel Neermathalam poothakalam recreates the nostalgia of an old ancestral home of Nalappattu family with its obsessive ambiance. Neermathalam  has  enveloped each Malayalee soul with sensuous splendour! It was a Neermathalam from a poet, who believed that we cant get born upon this earth again. Aamy’s white delicate words fall like Pavizhamalli … Continue reading »

Trip to Kudajadri

  Robert frost’s typical poem usually begins in delight and ends in wisdom. Perhaps so is the trip to kudajaadri hills.There is a momentary stay stuck in between heaven and earth. And in the end we attain wisdom. We started from Kollur, from mother’s lap in a Mahindra jeep early in the morning. After a … Continue reading »