THASRAK 2 A journey to bleak emptiness?

I waddled towards the nhattupura ..others were engaged in discussions.. I stepped into the veranda and entered into the classroom..The space lay infinite and there emerged Kunhamina with her chiming silver anklets,moving her legs disconsolstely under the bench..the primordial dampness smell canopied in the room. There was Appukkili with his dragonfly.. I smiled at them … Continue reading »


I was barely in one digit when I first heard about Naranathu branthan perhaps from the primary school in the local area of Nayyur. Parmeshwaran master used to unbundle his stories introducing heroes from folktales colouring and exaggerating whenever necessary when the afternoon sessions seemed heavy and on the verge of blues. It sounded me … Continue reading »

INDIAN GREY HORNBILL or Nattuvezhambal or Ocyceros birostris

                      What is the payment for blowing horns?  The cross word puzzle goes like this.      Answer is Horn bill. \Many myths  and stories are woven around Horn bills throughout the world..In Kerala Vezhambal suggests the endless  waiting for rain. People believe that they … Continue reading »


        There remains a myth still woven around the construction of Kaithali temple. The myth holds that Pattambi kaithali temple was built by globins or Bhooothathans.The sanctum sanctorium ( Sreekovil) of the temple is   a monolithic structure.It’s really an unfinished construction. The legend runs like this. Kattilmadam was the roof of kaithali temple … Continue reading »


  ”I found myself in what appeared to be a large tunnel with a small white light at the other end. I was moving towards this light. I was surrounded by a feeling of absolute peace and what I can only describe as cool revelation. It felt wonderful to be there. “. It is so … Continue reading »


Art as a mark of divinity distinguishes human beings from the rest of the animal community.It is a non verbal language with non conscious meaning but a medium that communicates with people of all the ages. Thus prehistoric art throws light into prehistoric life. Cave art is divided into three phases the first phase  comprising … Continue reading »


  Ambukuthy mala or Edakal Mala is one of the principal hills of Wynad  that lies beside the ancient trade route connecting ports of Kerala and high mountains of Mysore. The route was constantly  used  during different  periods of history.The Edakal caves on the Ambukuthy hills, near Ambalavayal, are famous for their Neolithic rock engravings … Continue reading »

Kavalappara palace ,Kavalappara swaroopam

Kavalappara swaroopam  was the confederation of 96 Desams that lies in between Kaniyampuram thodu eastern side and  Ongallur thodu in the stretches around Mundakkottukurissi towards the  north and Bharathappuzha flows as the southern boarder.the southern boarder stretching  area s of the eight-acre of the Kavalappara .Kavalappara swaroopam was a unique state that was in … Continue reading »


INDIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE, EURASIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE, Oriolus kundoo It was the first week of the summer holidays in 2014. April 8th of 2014.The overcast sky  presented and the sultry morning and promised a drizzle. The splendid growing of the tree was not  alone on the  hedge. I haven’t seen such a fruit tree before.I haven’t noticed  … Continue reading »

Gaur, The Indian Bison or Bos gaurus

  In the first standard of the  lower primary school  classroom,charts depicting animals were hung on the wall where we vused to lean against,.  We used to watch them silently when there is no teacher in the class room or  it is raining outside. The massively built large bison stangely attracted me.i used to weave … Continue reading »