THE SAGA OF SUN GOD PART 2 THE SUN WORSHIP IN KERALA In the olden days, one of the inevitable duty assigned to grandma during afternoon hours was preparing the lamp for lighting the lamp at dusk. She rolls up cotton wicks and arranges them pairing and fills the lamp with honey bright Gingelly oil … Continue reading »

The saga of the sun god

Surya thought… each and every day she gazed at the red sun with growing passion..she conjured that power of morning sun into a red bindii spot on her forehead. A girl with golden anklets festooned with sunstone laces came into the Kalahandi valley to pluck flowers..she spots the radiance of the solitary plant bursting into … Continue reading »

Birds of the same feathers flock together?

The early 1970s, a dark brown cloud emerges in the eastern horizon and it smoothly flows to the west shortly after the sunset during winter and in the first phase of summer reverberating the roaring sound that preceded a heavy rain.. We promptly come out of our house to the courtyard and used to gaze … Continue reading »

Flower loan

As we were granted an unexpected permission to go outside and pluck Onam flowers, we sprang up, borrowing two pookkundas from neighbouring guys. ”One for Mohan and another for her sister Parvati”.The narrow passage idavazhi crept between two hedges laced with moss that had grown soft, and bulged a little with dampness that seeped up … Continue reading »


The wheeling of the seasons evokes the whole human seasonal cycle, germination, growth, decay, death, and rebirth. but Chingam or Onam season realizes the spirit with marvellous concreteness and richness in the most natural ways. We may never feel it as mere repetition or as an artificial occurrence. .By the month of Chingam, the southwest … Continue reading »

THASRAK 2 A journey to bleak emptiness?

I waddled towards the nhattupura ..others were engaged in discussions.. I stepped into the veranda and entered into the classroom..The space lay infinite and there emerged Kunhamina with her chiming silver anklets,moving her legs disconsolstely under the bench..the primordial dampness smell canopied in the room. There was Appukkili with his dragonfly.. I smiled at them … Continue reading »

TRIP TO THASRAK , A predetermined journey?

”Long, long ago, in times now unknown to man, there came riding into their primordial palm grove a caravan of a thousand and one horses. The riders were Badrins, holy warriors blessed by the Prophet, and at the head of the column rode the holiest of them all—Sayed Mian Sheikh. The full moon shone on … Continue reading »

Small Pratincole and distraction display

Down the river Bharathappuzha, it was growing red, the sky being so soft and sweet, a dusky gleaming with the background score of Red-wattled Lapwing’s raucous creaking strident..titti ttee ttee,,,the four notes dissolved suns descend in the west. The white ibises, whisker terns and egrets had flown away just before the descend. Only a few … Continue reading »

Migratory birds along the coast of Bharathappuzha no 6.Little-ringed Plover

How I used to envy this man, the boatman of Perassannur Kadavu (ferry ) in Bharathappuzha! Paddling tranquil water was only one of the ways to connect him with the river Nila. The river was his life, the river going down. He remembers the vast expanse of pristine sand, so pure, he felt soft and … Continue reading »


Have you ever noticed the beauty of the world revealed gradually making itself seen and heard touched and smelt? As the cool breeze sets the leaves of trees moving slightly heady smell of areca flowers waft across, the room we lose ourselves into the abyss. The most frequent punctuating sound of the white-cheeked barbet sound … Continue reading »