Yakshis are made, not born ?!

Every one used to speak about her with great fear and widened eyes. Listening to them over and over again, I too began to believe them. When  Yakshi bared her incisors, lengthened them and then drew them in again, khirrrrrr All your blood would be inside her belly! She would then chew on your bones … Continue reading »


“ “But at my back I always hearTime’s wingèd chariot hurrying near;And yonder all before us lieDeserts of vast eternity.” ”I am always aware of time, the way it flies by. For us, the future will be a vast, unending desert for all of the time. ” Marvel says to his coy mistress. Time is passing non-stop, … Continue reading »


I stopped when I heard a bird call of alarm across the woodland enveloping Rariyanellur and a subdued lament in a voice. I could recognize it in the midst of any chaos. I heard the footsteps behind me coming closer. It was obvious, it was Shaju’s. His eyes steadily gazing at the peak of the … Continue reading »


Outside, the night lay inebriated with its vastness. The wind was spreading from the top plane stretching far and the wide top plain of Parakkulam Hillocks on the palm fronts of Pullaravalappu. Beyond the reaches of the village on the Hillocks, late wayfarers were misguided by evil spirits ”Pottichoottu..” Who waved their fibre torches, with … Continue reading »


The art of rock carving and sculpturing reached great heights in second millennium BC in Egypt. The land of Egypt is basically an artist’s canvas or board on which the course of the Nile from South to North and that of the sun from east to west provide the coordinates of an ideal map which … Continue reading »


THE SAGA OF SUN GOD PART 2 THE SUN WORSHIP IN KERALA In the olden days, one of the inevitable duty assigned to grandma during afternoon hours was preparing the lamp for lighting the lamp at dusk. She rolls up cotton wicks and arranges them pairing and fills the lamp with honey bright Gingelly oil … Continue reading »

The saga of the sun god

Surya thought… each and every day she gazed at the red sun with growing passion..she conjured that power of morning sun into a red bindii spot on her forehead. A girl with golden anklets festooned with sunstone laces came into the Kalahandi valley to pluck flowers..she spots the radiance of the solitary plant bursting into … Continue reading »

Birds of the same feathers flock together?

The early 1970s, a dark brown cloud emerges in the eastern horizon and it smoothly flows to the west shortly after the sunset during winter and in the first phase of summer reverberating the roaring sound that preceded a heavy rain.. We promptly come out of our house to the courtyard and used to gaze … Continue reading »

Onam for all

A lot of folk songs are prevalent in narrating sublime Onam experience s of the past ..,””Maveli Nadu vaneedum kalam””is the popular one that every Malayali likes to recreate.People were equal and never even spoke a lie. The myth looms the belief that every year Maveli visits Kerala on Thiruvonam day. We Malayalees throughout the … Continue reading »


As we were granted an unexpected permission to go outside and pluck Onam flowers, we sprang up, borrowing two pookkundas from neighbouring guys. ”One for Mohan and another for her sister Parvati”.The narrow passage idavazhi crept between two hedges laced with moss that had grown soft, and bulged a little with dampness that seeped up … Continue reading »